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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Birth of a Review Series

Hello, readers! Meet my blog. I'd like to introduce you two, but I think the best way for you to get to know Bloggie is to throw you kicking and screaming right in the middle of it. Before I do, two quick points to make...
1)The topics it will examine are covered in the title.
2)Some of the posts will be very serious in nature. Some will be decidedly not. As for this first entry, well, you can be the judge...

This school year, I expect to use at least every campus bathroom at least once. Those of you who have been on outings with me know why. For those who haven't...let's just say that doctors will never have to prompt me to provide a sample for testing. Due to this expectation of excessive bathroom visits, I've decided that it would be beneficial to many if I did a review for each campus bathroom. And so, a review series is born! Enjoy.

Campus Bathroom Review #1: Right of Main Entrance in Gosser
The moment I opened the door, light flooded to my freshly receptive eyes. I could almost hear the airborne choir belt out a victorious major chord! The place was spotless. It had those connected countertop sinks (you know, the ones that always have puddles of water all over them?), but these had the gleaming lights reflected off of it in a very luminous, not-wet way. I floated into the red stall (And yes, extra points are rewarded for color). No toilet paper. Anywhere. Well, except on the roll, because if there hadn't been any there, this story would have ended very badly...
When I was done with my business, which I am pleased to say ended well, I emerged to see pretty, expensive-looking mirrors over each sink. I felt like royalty, let me tell you. After washing my hands, paper towels were right by the sink. RIGHT BY THE SINK, PEOPLE! Not up on the wall, not halfway across the room, not replaced by a dang hand dryer that takes an hour to get you from sopping to slightly soggy. I didn't even drip on the counter! That, my friends, is a good day. A good day indeed.
My official recommendation is: ladies, if you gotta go, go to Gosser.
(Warning: opinion is subject to change as more bathrooms are visited.)

So, ladies and gents, there goes the first post! My intention is to encourage responses at the end of every entry. Whoever wants to say "hi, and yes, I'm reading", go for it! Those of you who go to CU, as I do, tell me what you think about the bathrooms and let me know which one to review next! I'll make a special trip if I have to. ;) For anyone who doesn't, feel free to share with me and all the readers about bathrooms on your campus (or school, or workplace)!

This is Deidra, signing out!


Heather said...

Maybe I should transfer? Or just drive to Gosser to go?

I should send you a pic of the infamous squirrel in the downstairs lady's room at Powell. :)

mel said...

Haha Deidra. (:

Deidra said...

Heather: I'm sure you'll get the chance to go to Gosser, where the choir can sing to you as well. And feel free to show me the squirrel!
Mel: Glad you like it.

Ethan said...

You called it a "Bathroom Review Series" and yet it is a Series of one. I think you have been here long enough to do a few more from memory, and the ones you and your Brother can't remember, I can help you with. I do know all but one of the custodians on campus after all.

Deidra said...

Technically, it's two. :)
You're right. I need to get on that! Your help will be appreciated.