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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

She Was So Right

Recently in my Theories of Personality class, we talked about the theories of Karen Horney (a woman who must have been much smarter than the name suggests).  She identified three categories of what she calls "nuerotic trends", and while we talked about them, I was mindblown!  I can identify someone I know with each type, and maybe you can too:
1) Moving toward people (Compliant Personality)
This person basically has a nuerotic need for attention and approval, as well as needing a partner that makes the decisions for both members of the couple. 
Examples: Jane Bennet from Pride and Prejudice, Charlie Brown
2) Moving against people (Aggressive Personality)
This person has a need for power, to exploit others and get social recognition.  They want people to admire them and recognize their personal achievements.
Examples: Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, Lucy from Charlie Brown
3) Moving away from people (Detached Personality)
This person tries to be self-sufficient and independent.  They demand perfection from themselves.
Examples: Mr. Bennet, Snoopy

I especially focused on the first type.  The Compliant Personality thinks that love can solve all of their problems, and they often annoy people because they're so clingy.  Do you know anyone like this?  I've certainly known my share of them.  In fact, I've dealt with people like this so often that I've put together a series of posts on the topic.  Starting next week, we'll examine the first type of nuerotic need beginning with How to Spot A Compliant Personality on Monday.  On Wednesday, we'll see How To Deal With A Needy Nuerotic Nut, with examples of what not to do as well.  Then finally, on Friday, I will share with you some humorous anecdotes from my dealings with these attention-starved individuals.

See you next week!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Sorry, I've gotta be quick!  This week has been a stressful bad one for me, my brother, and some of my closest friends, and we have to take every moment we can to split between schoolwork and friend therapy.  My biggest stressor right now is the short story that I have to write for Creative Writing.  I had a week to do it, but my brain only allowed me a little less than two days.  That's when it decided to actually come up with an idea that I can work with, since that's its favorite thing to do: wait until the last minute to provide something good.  So thank you, brain, now I have to kill myself to make it happen!  But ideas like this are almost always worth it. 

Here's the one-sentence synopsis:
A homebody college student with latent anger issues gets caught in the middle of a strange family vs. family war.

For the sake of further explanation: A college commuter is working on typing a paper when the side of her house is blasted into oblivion.  She's chased by a maniac family shooting at her, and learns that they think she belongs to their rival family.  She has to go to an Oracle-type place to prove that she has no family ties to their rivals, and on the way, the other family catches up with her, thinking her to have betrayed them (obviously, another misunderstanding).  When she finally gets to the "Oracle" and submits her blood, it reveals her as the destined mediator between the two families.

The story will also be filled with action sequences, character development, an unexpectedly helpful neighbor, and possibly a scene where the main character has to get the map to the "Oracle" from one of the maniacal family members.

This will be an interesting journey indeed.  Less than seven hours and counting...

EDIT:  My math skills have struck again.  If I had seven hours, my class would have been at five in the morning!  That should have been nineteen hours and counting!

Now I'm finally finished, after a late night and a lot of determination.  Thank goodness!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Moving On

I've intended to stick to a schedule, but life keeps getting in the way! Don't worry: once the overhaul's complete, I'll be more motivated than an Asian kid with their eye on the Olympics. Wait, you haven't heard about the overhaul? Well heck, sit down and let me tell you about it!

This child of mine is desperately in need of a makeover. Some sort of topic or focus will prevent the randomness of posts (unless, of course, you like the randomness), so I've come up with a blog mission statement to help me keep things clear and at least slightly sensible. (I'd like to do a writing blog as my singular mission, but fear of plagiarism prevents it.) A new name is on the way too! (I decided this when my brother pointed out that the current title, despite its expressive abbreviation, reminded him of schoolwork.) I'd like to know what you readers think about any changes to be made, so comment me up!

Now that the paragraph of excessive parenthesis is has made its inevitable guest appearance, we can move on to our entertainment for this week. This time around, you get to read about my insistence that Anna Torv should be considered sexy! I'm straight, but that doesn't mean that I don't know an attractive woman when I see one. The 25 Sexiest Sci-Fi Women Of All Time that I saw last night on television should absolutely have included her! You can find her on the show Fringe on Thursday nights, or just look at her in one of these links (I would love to post the actual pictures here, but I don't have permissions to them, unfortunately.) :
Anna in a fedora: http://fringepedia.net/w/images/8/8a/AnnaTorvFedora.jpg
Head shot: http://www.fringebloggers.com/wp-content/gallery/fringe-characters/bfringepromo11.jpg
As Olivia Dunham in a Fringe promotional shot: http://img141.imageshack.us/i/annatorv2mc3.jpg/

Thank you for your patience with the links, and please comment with any opinions!