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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Moving On

I've intended to stick to a schedule, but life keeps getting in the way! Don't worry: once the overhaul's complete, I'll be more motivated than an Asian kid with their eye on the Olympics. Wait, you haven't heard about the overhaul? Well heck, sit down and let me tell you about it!

This child of mine is desperately in need of a makeover. Some sort of topic or focus will prevent the randomness of posts (unless, of course, you like the randomness), so I've come up with a blog mission statement to help me keep things clear and at least slightly sensible. (I'd like to do a writing blog as my singular mission, but fear of plagiarism prevents it.) A new name is on the way too! (I decided this when my brother pointed out that the current title, despite its expressive abbreviation, reminded him of schoolwork.) I'd like to know what you readers think about any changes to be made, so comment me up!

Now that the paragraph of excessive parenthesis is has made its inevitable guest appearance, we can move on to our entertainment for this week. This time around, you get to read about my insistence that Anna Torv should be considered sexy! I'm straight, but that doesn't mean that I don't know an attractive woman when I see one. The 25 Sexiest Sci-Fi Women Of All Time that I saw last night on television should absolutely have included her! You can find her on the show Fringe on Thursday nights, or just look at her in one of these links (I would love to post the actual pictures here, but I don't have permissions to them, unfortunately.) :
Anna in a fedora: http://fringepedia.net/w/images/8/8a/AnnaTorvFedora.jpg
Head shot: http://www.fringebloggers.com/wp-content/gallery/fringe-characters/bfringepromo11.jpg
As Olivia Dunham in a Fringe promotional shot: http://img141.imageshack.us/i/annatorv2mc3.jpg/

Thank you for your patience with the links, and please comment with any opinions!

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Jody said...

Asian kid with their eye on the Olympics...WOW. I seriously LOLed hard.