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Thursday, May 27, 2010


It's way past time for a new title!  I've known it ever since I asked my brother about his honest opinions of my blog and he told me that the three-R title sounded like a homework assignment. 

I chose those words because they describe what I want to happen here.  I use the writing to reflect, I write the occasional review, and I respond to the world around me.  (I had also hoped that "respond" would be a verb that my readers might embrace, and I've been lucky enough to have devoted friends who care enough about me to read all of this and comment.)  These words are appropriate for the blog.  The problem is that they need to reflect the personality of the writer and be appealing to readers.  I know that I enjoy an unusual title when I read a blog, especially one I've never heard of before. 

Besides, I'm a much more playful person than the current title suggests.  Keep reading, and you'll see why you couldn't tell this about me from reading most of my writing up to this point.

I think a title change might reflect the way my writing's changing here.  At least, I hope so.  It's easy for me to go into paper-writing mode when I type up anything these days.  I suppose it's a product of college that causes me to word things in a way that sounds boring and technical to even me when I read back on it.  School has been working its hardest to suck the voice out of my writing, now more than ever since college requires you to write so many papers. 

I've been reading a lot of a new blog lately that I found through Blogs of Note, and this girl puts so much voice in her posts that it's like having a little version of her floating around through cyberspace.  I feel like I know her really well just from reading a lot of the things she's written.  Why can't I be like that?  How can it be so hard for me to type the way I talk?  You'd think the thought-to-words process would be the same for writing as it is for talking, but it's not for me.  I try way too hard.

For example, I always read back on the things I've written multiple times, and this would be okay if it was just to make sure that everything still makes sense.  Thing is, I go back and rearrange things a lot, trying to make sure it all fits together logically.  And I'm not sure if my thought process really works that way.  Sometimes it does, but sometimes, like today, I'm just thinking about a subject and different points are coming to me at random times.  That's why I've resolved not to edit this post too much.  Let it be weird and rambling.  I'm like that sometimes!

Speaking of rambling, I'm pretty sure I've gone totally off-subject now.  The point of this post was going to be that I need a new title.  I'd love to ask my lovely readers for help with this, but I think this is a journey I have to take on my own.  If you do have suggestions, feel free to give them!  If you're like me, and the randomness of my posts is too much for your brain to connect, you don't have to make a suggestion.  The point of this blog is to be a constant writing project for me, to explore and expose readers to new ideas (that I usually get from really good conversations with my friends), and to entertain you guys.  I don't know how any title can possibly describe a mission statement like that, so I might have to go with something pretty off-the-wall.

I promise to give it a lot of thought over the next fews days.  Hold me to that, or I'll get distracted and put it off or forget about it completely.

[random interjection]
I've considered changing the layout of my blog too, even before blogger offered new templates.  The new templates mean that it's so easy to change the look of a blog now that I have absolutely no excuse not to update the blog if I want to.  No excuse, that is, besides the busyness of the end of this school year and my own incompetence.  Not to mention the perfectionist that comes out in me when I work on something like this.  That perfectionist in me...that's the biggest problem.  For me to do the things I want here, I'm going to have to kill her.
[/random interjection]

Now I know what my project for the next few days will be.  Expect bloody hands and the beginnings of a new attitude when I come back!


Anonymous said...

I did think it sounds like a homework assignment! I think a title sets the tone for what you read, and that yours doesn't yet set quite the right tone. Just think it through (some of the best advice a person could ever receive) and you'll be fine.

Dork Vader said...

I'd love a new title and template! Don't get me wrong, your blog is one of my favorites as it is, but I'm a big fan of new changes and shaking up the look of things :D

Deidra said...

Indeed, it's been the same old same old for far too long!