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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nomming on the Keyboard


Since I've surpassed the official day one word count goal, I'm allowing myself to post for you, my lovely readers!

I had actually forgotten how amazing this kind of writing is.  Yes, it's a shameful and disgraceful thing that I actually let myself forget that.  I'm telling you, NaNo is magical for bad, bad writers like me who don't keep up with the creative practicing that they should.  There's really nothing for motivation like having thousands of other people do it with you!

(Hmm...please don't take that last sentence out of context, because then it just sounds wrong...)

What was amazing about today's writing is that although I had little idea what I was doing (since I haven't yet gotten to the part of the plot that I actually know what I'm doing with), things just managed to come together.  A large section of my world just came together before my eyes!  I'm working in "our regular" world, but it's set far enough in the future that I can do pretty much whatever I want and get away with it by saying that things have changed. :)

Suddenly, my main character has a job and a life outlook to go with it.  I've also introduced one of my secondary characters much earlier than planned.

All this adds up to a very happy writer.

Except for the fact that my pre-NaNo grocery shopping is already very obviously turning out not to be enough.  I thought I'd gotten a lot of food.  Maybe I underestimated my ability to eat.  Looks like I'll have to get more soon, in any case.  I mean, what's the point of a NaNo Bunker if it doesn't have a month's worth of food supply?

At least I haven't run out of chocolate yet.  That's when it gets serious.

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Kaely said...

I decided to carry 400 page notebook with me everywhere i go. Where i will be doing most of my writing probably. That way, even if i'm at work or in class, if an idea comes to me, i can immediately start writing.

it's proved useful so far. the beginning of my story hit me in the face at work today, and i didn't want to lose it. thankfully, we weren't that busy at the moment, so i started writing.

it's going to be an interesting month. congrats on making it past your goal! and GOOD LUCK!! :)

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

Oh! That's such a cool goal! Writing is great. I'm in a writing class and we're supposed to be ALWAYS writing for fun. And everyone is always like "WE DON'T HAVE TIME TO WRITE FOR FUN."

We really don't; life is crazy, but writing helps stop that craziness.


natalie said...

I hate that I don't have any time to write creatively, I really do. It's such a shame. I always say I'll try doing NaNo the following year, but no matter what it always seems like November turns out to be the busiest month ever. D:

But, I'm glad to hear that your NaNo is going well so far, and hopefully your chocolate supply will last haha. :)

Sandra said...

You go girl! I'm salivating with envy at what you are accomplishing!...damn, my keyboard seems to be shortcircuiting...
I'll send more chocolate when you run out (I have four kids who trick-or-treated!)

Kappa no He said...

You're doing Nano! Good for you. I did it twice years and years ago so I know what you're talking about, that *feeling*. Here's to many, many more days of good word counts and a damn fine novel when you're done.

WhisperingWriter said...

Sounds like you're doing great!

Joann Mannix said...

Good for you. I'm struggling just a bit, but revisions are such a bitch. It's so much funner to just write with no boundaries. Enjoy your fire!

Nicole said...

Girl, you are waaay ahead of me. I scrapped my first idea (it sucked even more than NaNoWriMo guidelines might allow). I shan't give up, but at about 1,000 words I need to put the kids to bed early tonight and get crackin'.

Sunny Insomniac said...

Deidra! You're writing a novel?! Awesome!!! I want to read it! Let me know if you need a reader or someone to bounce ideas off of. :) and what is nano? I feel so behind the times, man. :@ good luck and thanks for all of your kind comments.
~sunny insomniac