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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Recent Happenings and A Red Scarf


Egads, and other exclamations!

Perhaps you are wondering why I'm on the floor and dragging myself over here with my hands, bloodshot eyes pulsing and drool leaving a slimy trail in my wake. This, my friends, is because the past few days have been insane! Every spare moment seems to be taken up. While I have a moment for a breather here, I'll fill you in on a few of my recent activities:

Last night, I watched V for Vendetta for the very first time with some of the other lovely folks at CU. My reaction? I demand to know why no one has forced me into an adhesive chair and made me watch this movie before now! Seriously, it's amazing. I absolutely love it, plot, characters, setting, and all. It's completely brilliant. It changed my life.

Tonight, I went to a band banquet for the marching band that my brother's in. I decided not to join, at least for this year, but I got to see many funny moments on the video that a band member/aspiring videographer put together for the occasion. The food was quite nice, too. Wonderful corn.

Right after the banquet (in fact, we left early to set up), my brother and I drove over to another building on campus in order to get ready for the concert. We're in handbell choir, which combined with the chorale to make for a musical night of wonder and joy!

At this point, I must take advantage of your patient reading to rail on about the participant situation. You see, handbell choir is pretty awesome. Strangely enough, this causes a problem. Due to the awesomeness of handbell choir, this year everyone decided to join at the same time. Tonight at one point during the concert, I had no elbow room. I mean this literally, as in I could not put my arms down to my sides and had to fold my hands in front of me (which I'm sure made me look quite demure, but still), but I was asked to scoot over to give the people on the right side of me more room. The sad thing is, they were asking because they sincerely needed it. Also, I spent a large portion of the concert standing there. I tried to look as if I was following along intently with the music, and in fact I was doing just that, but I'm sure the audience wondered why a girl that cannot play a single note for fifteen measures at a time was even on the stage. Especially when there really isn't enough room for her! Ha ha. I don't think that I can juggle seven bells at once yet like some of the more experienced members of handbell choir (although I would welcome a challenge), but I can certainly hold three-in-hand as opposed to one or two notes per page. And I will only admit to very slight exaggeration in that sentence.

Oh dear, I seem to have wandered a bit from my intended subject. The handbell concert went quite well, with a few nervous mistakes from all, but it was in general a good run.

Thankfully, I got quite a bit of work done yesterday as well, but it was simply schoolwork and entirely too boring to relate to you!

I also went slightly insane that day, because I, being a champion at messiness, actually cleaned something! Yes, I know it's devastating to see how my most fundamental values are being called into question these days, but in my defense, I felt that I could no longer operate in the living room, which is where I was attempting to work on NaNo in order to listen to music via internet at the same time. Wow, would you take a look at that run-on sentence? My brain is truly addled. My paragraphs aren't even sticking to one subject anymore!

So, those are just a few of my many wonderous activities of late. At this moment, I am typing away, wearing a fuzzy red scarf that my brother breezed through the room to lasso me with. He's been cleaning his room. Do you think that justifies this strange behavior?

NNWM Status Update: I am horribly behind schedule, but optimistic! You can't force the happiness from my system now that I have a plot and ideas oozing out of my eyeballs.

By the way, I say "behind schedule" because my current word count is 1,707 while the steady word count for the end of today is 10,000! The steady word count is I'm calling it when you have all 50,000 words spread out evenly over the month, and as you can see, I'm frankly not anywhere near it. I do hope to get a lot done tomorrow, and possibly even tonight, depending on how my energy level holds up. I think that my lack of a decent word count so far is probably because of my Inner Editor, who Wrimos are supposed to kill at the beginning of the month. I'm suspicious that mine survived my attack, based on the sounds I've been hearing from that room....it appears that I have to see to something, so I will catch up with you later! *heads toward the back room weilding the Traveling Shovel of Death*


Anonymous said...

Marching band food is rather delicious, I must agree :)

As for the word count, it's good that you're optimistic! No reason to feel stressed. Some people write the whole novel in the last week. Good luck:)

Deidra said...

I don't understand how they can wait until the last week without feeling stressed just by the waiting! I also don't see how some Wrimos write 30k in the first week, or even the first night in some cases, but I'm just a newbie, so what do I know? :)