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Saturday, January 2, 2010


Welcome to 2010!

In lieu of resolutions, which I, like every American, have come to resent, I've taken up a tradition from many NaNoers before me. They make BFS Lists for the new year. BFS? Yes, silly. It stands for a Big Fun Scary List.

There are three good reasons to make a list like this instead of making a “resolution”.
One: A person can choose more than one change they would like to make about themselves in the new year. It sounds much better to say “my list” than to refer to “New Years' resolutions” in the plural. We're not talking about problem-solving; we're making ourselves into new people. Besides, the list is designed to be more of an expansion of oneself than a fixing of something we perceive to be wrong about ourselves.
Two: NaNoers have taken to posting their BFS lists online. They feel more obligated to keep to their decisions if they're held accountable by all the people on the web who have read what they've promised to do throughout the year. Much easier than counting on your family and friends to keep you on the right track. (Our family and friends love us. They cut us too much slack—we need someone unforgiving and mean to kick our butts in gear.)
Three: It's so much more fun to say.

Well, I'm convinced. I made up a list with different categories, hoping to become a better and more well-rounded person in different areas. I won't tell you the specifics; you'll just be pleasantly surprised when I show you results. On the other hand, it wouldn't hurt to share categories, which you can take ideas from if you'd like for your own BFS list. I plan to improve in: writing, drawing, DIY, magic, reading, television, art, language, public behavior, and poetry. Hopefully, I'll come out on the side of 2011 as a better, more learned and interesting person. One way or the other, the journey will be interesting.

What decisions have you made for the new year?

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