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Friday, January 15, 2010

She Emerges Triumphant

Hallelujah! Mimi goes home today!

She has made me laugh so many times throughout this ordeal. She's very honest around me, I must say! And with her nurses, as well. She told one that she looked tired, to which the nurse replied that Mimi had told her that multpile times. "Well, I meant no offense," she said. Then, today, she got sarcastic with the nurse that was taking her for a walk. "This is good for you," the nurse told her. "Oh, well, everything is. Everything's good for me." The nurse didn't catch the sideways sarcasm. I laughed from my chair.

Of course, none of this is meant to make her sound mean at all. She just gets discouraged from the situation, but I try to keep her positive, and it works. We''ve definitely come closer through this time.

I'm very excited for her to be home, and she's looking forward to it too.

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dorkvader said...

YAY!!!!! I was hoping she would make it ever since your post about it! WOO HOO for you!