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Monday, July 19, 2010

The Mild-Core Dancing Scene

Went dancing.

I don't know whether to say it's what I expected or not...

We peeked in the bar we had been planning to go to, the one with the younger crowd and modern music.  Remember how I said there was going to be a concrete floor and a band?  Yeah, that one.  Well, there was pretty much NO ONE there.  So we went across the street.

This one was supposed to have a more mixed, mostly older crowd and about half modern, half country music.  (Country! >_<  If you're reading this, Jessi, I don't mean to offend you but this is the one thing that I really have to disagree with you on. :)  Please don't kill me!)  We went in and the guy at the door (with a stern-faced look that made him a little scary, I might add) gave us a hard time for a minute until Michaela played her "my dad is a bartender here" card.  Can't really beat that, huh, can you?  So yeah.

(Seeing double x marks on people's hands kept reminding me of Sora!  Because his gloves have a criss-crossy bit on the back.  You know.  And that observation makes me totally cool and NOT a dork at all that I was thinking of video games at the bar scene.)

Let's just say that I don't know why the chicken crossed the road, but it wasn't to find a better crowd!  (Oh my gosh.  Please excuse that ridiculously lame joke.  I don't usually blog midday and I think it's doing things to me.)  Unfortunately, there were just as few people at the wooden-floored, no band bar we crossed the street for as there were at the first one we went to.

We decided to drive around for a bit and get some rolled-down-windows night air while we waited for the bar to fill up.

But when we came back, there still weren't that many people, even though I had been warned that this particular weekend there would be more bodies in there than dead fish in the oil spill.

(I'm sorry, was that inappropriate?  It's this daylight, I swear...)

Ironically, despite the small number of people I swear I saw a woman in there from my summer class in May! And there were only six people in that class, so this is saying something.  I get the feeling it's something about the correlation between college and responsibility, but I can't be sure...

Anyway.  My official experience was interesting.  And by "interesting", I mean that old guys kept asking me to dance.  And out of the four of us there they kept picking me to ask first.  And one of them came back to ask my name.  Yikes!  My friends laughed at me when I just looked down and shook my head and refused to say anything.  I mean, how do you say nicely to someone "there's no chance I'm telling you my name or anything about me when I don't even know you or how much you've had to drink so leave me the heck alone to dance with my friends even though there aren't enough people on the dance floor for us to emerge from our corner yet"?

Michaela saved me by saying "she's with me" and wrapping her arm around me and kissing me on the cheek and letting the man come to his own conclusions.

They all left us alone after that. :)

Michaela, this is totally us. :)

We fooled around and danced for a minute or two on and off, but around the time we were talking about leaving, another one of my friends said that she wanted to actually dance before we left and next thing I knew, she and I were out on the floor.

We spent the rest of the night doing whatever our version of dancing is.  And laughing at all the crazy people around us.  This one couple was basically humping each other or something, and looking at them made me feel like I was watching some sort of mild, clothed porn!  Plus, she was wearing heels and I have no idea how she wasn't limping by the end of it all.  They were sort of mesmerizing.  Add the crazy drunk guy in the green shirt doing something like the robot and the crazy single woman about to bust out of her shirt and trying to look sexy, and I did end up having some fun!

Everyone insists that the bar is never that empty.  I think I'm probably bad luck.

But I suppose it'll be worth trying again one day!

P.S.  There were a couple of flashy lights!

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beth said...

this cracked me up...

i know that humping couple and the crazy drunk guy...they were just here a few weeks ago and like a train wreck, my sister and i couldn't keep our eyes off them while we were dancing.....

and actually as a dare and with my hubby watching, i danced with the drunk guy....even though he was probably clueless that that's what we were doing....

he was in his own little world.

Michele said...

I'm drawn to flashy lights.

Deidra said...

beth--Michaela kept laughing at me because I wouldn't stop staring either! It makes me smile to think of you dancing with THAT guy. You have a heck of a lot more guts than I do. Maybe someday? You only live once!

Michele--How do you feel about chocolate? You just might be my twin...

Joann Mannix said...

I might not have been to that particular bar before, but I have been to its sister many times over before the days of motherhood. It was always fun because we would dance, too, dance and not care about anything else.