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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Technology Fail and Zombies

In the interest of being creative enough not to lose my work again, I'm typing in a document and copy-pasting to my widget when I'm done. Don't ever let it be said that I'm a bad blogger.

Even if I go six days without posting because life does weird things to me.

In my defense, I went out of state with some friends for the weekend after my last post, preventing me from posting for about two and a half days. And then between needing naps, having friend time, and being unsure what to post about this time around, I just couldn't get it going until now.

Yeah, naps. I'm doing another summer course. This time, it's Chemistry at eight in the morning every weekday.

Shoot me now.

Speaking of violence, can you believe that if it weren't for my handy dandy Blogger widget, I wouldn't be able to post at all right now? What is the deal? On the RAINY day post, I had to break through after trying about fifty times to be able to edit (when I decided that it would be better with pictures). Then, when I tried to fix little formatting/spacing issues, I had to go through the process all over again. Click, fail, go back, click again, repeat.

Blogger fail.

It's pure luck that I have the widget at all! Normally, I don't have the foresight to do something like that. But for some reason, a while back, I thought that it would be handy to have in case there ever came a day that I would be unable to use the Blogger site for some inexplicable reason. The blogging powers that be must be grinning in my direction.

Either that, or my subconscious realized that if the zombie apocalypse came soon and the Blogger site was the first casualty, I'd be able to use Google to update you on how long I've been able to stay alive.

(My first accomplishment has been to acquire my neighborhood ice-cream truck to convert to a Zombini. I've had it out for that vehicle ever since it first began waking me up from morning naps with the same incessant song over...and over...and over... As a Zombini, not only will it serve a higher purpose to benefit all that survives of mankind, but I've been able to yank out those circuits and add some more appropriate zombie-killing hardcore music. What now, ice-cream man?)


Badass Geek said...

I think ice cream trucks exist for the sheer purpose of helping us improve our level of patience.

Sunny Insomniac said...