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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Wee Hours

It's about time this blog had a list, so I thought I would make one that I knew a little something about!

10 Reasons To Stay Up Late
1) no traffic!
2) no sun to get in your eyes or make deathly summer heat
3) better music on the radio
4) Patsy the friendly Wal-Mart night shift woman
5) long talks and philosophical thoughts (they're easier in the dark)
6) the moon and stars
7) you can do things by candlelight
8) midnight pancakes
9) cricket songs
10) lightning bugs

Have something to add to the list?  Leave a comment!  Want to make a list of reasons to be up during the day for your own blog in a little friendly retaliation?  Bring it on!  One way or the other, try to enjoy staying awake during the wee hours if you get the chance.


Kaely said...

11) swimming in the private area of the lake under a full moon and a sky full of beautiful stars :) warm water and no sun beating down on you -- on of the best feelings ever and most definitely one of the best reasons to stay up late ^_^

Sunny Insomniac said...

Loved this, Deidre! Especially No. 4 - LOL!

Missed reading your stuff, catching up at the moment. Thanks so much for leaving the comment about the new novel. As far as new ideas go, I find they come up when you're least expecting it, and, oddly enough, when you least want them.

I have a creative exercise for you if you want one and am bored with summer. My composition professor made all his students do this one time. It has been invaluable to me. So here it is:

Every time you are creative, whether it's writing a poem, jotting down a blog, writing a song, getting motivated to cook, or pulling out your sketch pad, once you are finished with your endevour, open up a journal. In this journal you will write down your "muses." Your muses will consist of the weather you might've experienced that day, the time (whether it's day or night), a dream you might've had, what you ate, what book you're reading or what movie you watched. After a month, you'll look back and see all the reaccuring "muses" that inspired you to be creative. And there you have it: your "muse" list.

Some things on my muse list?
Moulin Rouge--movie
District 9--movie
City of Ashes--book
Fight Club--movie

So what will your list look like? It's really handy because whenever you will have a creative writing exercise, you can dive into one or several of your muses. :)

So...sorry this comment is a novella, but there it is.

~Sunny Insomniac

P.S CONGRATS on winning the award at Jessi's blog (the musings of a wannabe star)!

Deidra said...

Thanks both of you for the comments! I think that the "muse" idea might be very helpful. I'll definitely try it! Thanks!

P.S. Congratulations to you too! :) I considered tagging you, but you'd already been tagged!