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Friday, June 11, 2010

A Writer's Journal Brain

I've picked up journaling again lately.  I haven't actually done that for...I guess it's been a year now at the very least!  It feels like forever.

I had forgotten what it was like.

Now that I'm doing it again, at least for a while, I talk (well, write) to that journal as if it's a close friend.  I found myself complimenting it earlier tonight for its limitless patience!  I mean, it "listens" to me about anything without tiring, no matter how much I ramble.  And I can be completely honest without it judging me.  You begin to think that you're a really open person who doesn't have much of a bad side to hide when you talk to your friends, but when you write out your thoughts truly unedited, even from yourself (which can be more difficult than it sounds), sometimes you begin to see that the bold truth is a scary thing indeed.  There have been a couple of times that I surprised myself a little.

This post is meant in no way to upset any of my friends who are reading.  I love having long talks with the people I'm close to and telling them almost everything, I really and truly do.  Writing is not going to replace that by any means! It's there as a tool and a nice past-time, but no matter how often I compliment it, it's never going to be a real friend to me like you guys are.

I go to it whenever I have something I want to thoroughly think through, because writing out things helps me to figure it all out.  It's kind of like a different form of thinking for me; if floating in my head isn't the right way to think, I write it out.

Plus, if I were to have something that I couldn't talk about for whatever reason, there's always writing.  Usually, if I can't talk about something, it's because I've taken whatever I'm thinking through and worn someone out on the subject before I'm finished with it!  Fortunately for me, a notebook never gets tired of my subject choices.

So, if you're a reader who feels like commenting: Have you ever tried journaling?  Do you have something else that helps when you're thinking through stuff?

P.S. At first, I spent lots of time thinking to get it perfect...but lately, I have been slacking on the blog title that needs to be changed.  I now hang my head in shame.  I'll start tossing ideas around again and get back to you soon!


Sunny Insomniac said...


It was so much fun getting caught up on your blog. Nice to come back to internet land and find a few new posts! I just posted a comment on the one before this. :)

I have tried journaling. There was only three problems with it.
I'm lazy.
I never follow through with anything.
I'm lazy.

That being said, I'm impressed that you can journal and blog at the same time! Blogging and trying to write a novel has been challenging enough. It's interesting to see how you view it. I guess for me, having a twin sister kind of did for me what journaling does for you. We didn't (and couldn't) keep anything from each other.

Our poor husbands.
Privacy is overrated.

Hhmmm...blog titles. I LOVE naming things. Let me know as soon as you start throwing some ideas around!

~Sunny Insomniac

Deidra said...

I think of journaling as something for me, so it's not really a chore as much as something that I find myself wanting to do sometimes! Otherwise, I'd definitely be too lazy...which is part of why I hadn't journaled in so long. And that's why I think that writing a novel is MUCH more challenging. More power to you!

And yes, I always have someone in my life that I can't keep much from. :) It's both a curse and a blessing, although mostly a blessing!

I'm working with the idea of including the word "voice", for multiple reasons. This blog is the voice of my thoughts, and I'm trying to put a lot of voice in my writing. We'll see what happens...

Heather said...

I've always be lured in by an attractive journal book, sworn to use it faithfully, then slowly forgotten about it.

But that's all going to change with this gorgeous new butterfly diary that I got for my summer trip!!!!! You should see it! It's, like, blue, spirally, and has PAGES! PAGES I tell you!! :)

Major props for actually being able to keep a journal, Deidra. Personally, I'm torn between wanting to keep one for posterity (and the compulsive need to fill us blank paper), and the fact that I don't really like to look back on where I was. Maybe I'm too accustomed to keeping my thoughts in my own head? No matter what others may tell you, it's actually quite a nice place, even if the hard drive is a little unstable. :)

Deidra said...

Oh, Heather. Why do I even bother blogging? Your comments are an entertainment all their own!

Wait. If I didn't blog, you wouldn't have anything to comment on....

Now it all makes sense. :)

The only thing that you could possibly blame a journal for being "chore-y" about is the fact that you have to think back on events to write about them. It can be a pleasant experience, but it can also be time consuming. Do whatever you feel like doing! The journal's always there to lend you an ear if everyone else is busy, but your relatively stable brain is always there as well. :)

Dork Vader said...

*sigh* I wish I could keep a journal. I like doing it, but I forget so often it feels weird going back to it with so much happening in between entries :-/

Ethan said...

I keep one. :gasp:

Deidra said...

Dork Vader-A journal is for you; do whatever the heck you want! :)

Ethan-You do? You don't seem the type. Or is it some sort of mechanics journal? ;)