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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just Tell Me What You Want!

I want your feedback.

What types of posts do you like reading the most?  Which ones do you usually skim or skip over?

I'm sure I could find a way to make a poll with some Blogger Widget thing, but I'd rather just hear what you have to say in a comment. 

Here's the rules:
1) You can vote for as many different things as you want, although I'd like to at least know your top two or three favorite topics.
2) Also, tell me one or two things you usually don't enjoy reading about as much. 
(I know, I know, there's less slots for dislikes than there are for likes.  I figure that if you dislike as much or more than you like, you probably aren't here enough to comment anyway!)
3) Give me a suggestion on something you'd like to see more of.  Whether you like reading about a certain topic, a comedic opinion on a situation, you want advice (heaven forbid!), or whatever other type of posting, I want to know what you want!

Here's some of the things I've posted in the past to help you out a little:
-something on the topic of videogames
-a post made up of pictures
-"Best of the Internet" links
-a topic of interest (like sex/gender/androgyny/etc, the vampire fad, things like that)
-advice based on my experiences
-comedy and/or stories
-R.A.I.N.Y. day
-questions posed to the readers

I can't promise anything one way or the other, of course.  What if you happen to hate something everyone else likes, or you would love to hear about something that I know nothing about, have no experience in, or can't research for some reason?  Obviously, those things wouldn't work. 

On the other hand, I'm curious as to what you like to read about.  And if I ever find myself wanting for a post idea, I could take your wishes into account!


Anonymous said...

Some of my more favorite posts were the R.A.I.N.Y Day one, the comedic ones, and your personal opinion on various topics.

Also, I'd like to hear more about your personal life. (But only if you don't mind sharing!) What goes on in your day-to-day life? Who are the people in your life, and how do you feel about them? What are some of the major happenings/thoughts/feelings in your life at the moment? Things like that.

I guess I would just like to get to know the writer behind the posts a little more every now and then. I mean, obviously don't make ALL of your posts about your personal life. But I feel like I would be able to better understand where you were coming from in your other posts if I knew more about you in general. And where you are in life.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I like a variety! It helps me get to "know" the blogger better!

Sandra said...

Here's what I like (in no particular order):
lists (can be random, just not too long)
and please no videos. I never know why people post videos, if I wanted to view video rather than read, I'd be on Youtube.
...ok, that was my two cents, for what it was worth.
It's very nice of you to give your readers the opportunity to pick. It's made me feel all mighty and powerful!

Dork Vader said...

Wait, let me see if I've got this straight. You want me to actually pick favorites?! I don't think I can.
That being said, I will complement you on your humorous stories. They are gold. As are your lists. And the picture posts.
They're all good (cept the topic of interest ones when I'm in a way to serious mood. But that's on my end and I know I'll enjoy them later) But those three I said earlier are my favorites, for the moment :D

Dork Vader said...

I just realized that that came out a bit odd. I love your topic of interest posts. But they're the only ones I might sometimes not be in the right mood for. Which by contrast means that I love all your other posts all the time.
It was a complement that came out backwards. Sorry 'bout that :)