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Monday, September 27, 2010

If my job were a video game...

...then the first level of difficulty in delivering pizza would be going to government housing, because the address numbers are all in the same place and they all light up at night.

...then one of the constant challenges would be fixing your beat-up, super-ghetto car and changing a flat on the fly.

...then one available upgrades would be getting a better, more reliable car...but only after several months on the job.

...then at higher levels, you'd be forced to find houses on dark streets at night that feel no need to display their house numbers so that even if there was a light on, you wouldn't be able to tell which house you were supposed to be at.

...then the higher level would also have multiple streets with the same name that force you to guess which one to go to.  (Reminder: this actually happens.)

...then tips would only be about 13% comparable to the amount of distance travelled.  Sometimes you'd go one mile and get three dollars, while others you may travel five miles and get a customer who waits for you to count out all their change rather than to let you keep a few cents.

...then a handy dandy money pouch or brighter shirt to allow you to be seen at night would count as obtainable items when you upgrade.

...then your experience points would allow you to do less turnarounds overall.

...then every mission would be a solo mission and you'd only get limit commands with party members in-store (with things like washing dishes) to create more powerful attacks.

...then customer complaints would open up a "Retaliation Menu", allowing you to unleash any one of a plethora of violent attacks on them. 

Because this is a video game.
And sometimes games are more fun than real life.

For all the lovely commenters out there: What would your job be like as a video game?  List a few points in a comment or make a post like this of your own!  I give you official permission to borrow the idea. :)

A Pizza Hut Delivery Driver leveling up. 
(Okay, so maybe it's actually a screenshot from City of Heroes.  I don't have screenshots from the Delivery Demo yet, okay?!)
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natalie said...

if the brief part time summer job that i had was a video game, it would be a terribly boring video game... level one, folding and stamping envelopes. level two, alphabetizing charts. level three, answering the phone. HOW EXCITING. haha ;P