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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's A Needed Moment For Breathing

I know a long time goes between posts these days.  I'm really busy!  I'm sorry I neglected you!  :huge glomping nuzzly hug:

You should really feel appreciated, because I save those hugs for people I really, really like.  (a.k.a. the people I'm close enough to that they won't actually freak out "Who the heck is this girl and why is she...oh my, that tickles....hey, somebody...I didn't ask for this...STOP IT ALREADY!")

I think I should make it more of a priority to post.  The problem is that I try not to unless I actually have something fairly interesting to say.  Maybe I should get over that, be less afraid of posts that are more short and sweet, and actually update at least every three days or so.

Yeah, that sounds like a plan.  As long as I can get internet access often enough.

...But I think that I should at least leave you something to comment on.  Something mildly interesting and worth reading this post for...

Nope.  Can't think of anything that good.  I'll bring this up instead:

I'm playing DDR again!  Let me tell you, for someone with pathetic stamina, it's intense.  But I'm having fun, especially when I get to play with Steve.  He beats me at new rythms and quick steps, but I have an advantage at timing accuracy.  At least I can claim having an advantage at something!  He's totally at a higher level than I am, and him being out of practice is the only way I can almost-not-really-but-let's-just-pretend keep up with him at all.

Have you ever played DDR, as a hobby (I have the Playstation 2 version) or at an arcade?   If you haven't, go Google it or Wikipedia it or something and tell me if you think it looks fun!  Because it is.  :)

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4gOny said...

I play DDR off and on now I'm about to get much more hardcore back into it, and for the record it's really hard to be accurate when the pad moves and i can't feel the arrows.

Deidra said...

I know. I can only do it decently because I have all my practice on the dance-pads-made-of-fail! And I still get misaligned off the arrows sometimes.

natalie said...

I'm absolutely terrible at DDR, mostly because I just have no coordination and cannot dance for the life of me. At dances all I can do is sort of attempt to bounce up and down and sway with the music. I'm sure I look just wonderful... hahah.

Seth said...

I'm t3h pwnzorz at DDR. Just so you know. :)

Joann Mannix said...

My kids play DDR. I should definitely play it more. It's a great exercise program!

Deidra said...

natalie: Good thing there's different levels so everyone can play! :) Believe me, I'm sure I've seen worse than you!

Seth: You'll have to show me sometime.

Joann: Heck yes it is! My body temperature ramps up so high that I feel like my skin's about to catch fire. There's no way that's not burning calories!