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Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Looked Down And Saw The Point Of A Blade

Why do so many people do practically nothing but gossip?

Turn on the radio or television, it's there.  Not just news, but shows admittedly about celebrity gossip.  Made entirely to talk about people that we're only supposed to care about because their career happens to expose their talents to the general public.  Let's not even talk about tabloids (especially because I know nothing about them besides the fact that they gossip and lie)!  People actually follow this stuff religiously, and I can't understand it.  If I'm that bored, I'll just read a book.

I wish that was the worst of it, but I see things in everyday life that bother me even more.  I see people just backstabbing all over the place, hear them talk about each other behind backs with things they would never say to that person's face.  I've heard two people literally talk about every single other person there (mind you, there were about fifteen of us); they went down the line and discussed every single one.  And in that entire conversation, I never heard a positive thing said.  Those people never had a chance to make an impression on a newcomer because their reputations were ruined by a person who actually barely knew anything about them.

I've had people make up crap about me too.  Doesn't everyone who goes to public high school get to deal with that?  You may have never done anything to the people who start this stuff, but it doesn't even matter.  I guess they do it to have fun or something.  I wouldn't understand.

It's frightening because I see kids growing up with this now.   There's a little girl about my sister's age (my sister's thirteen), and it seems like every time I see her, she starts talking about people again.  Different people, the same person as before.  It doesn't matter.  And she doesn't seem like a cruel or heartless person in general.  It's just something that she's taken to be so normal that she doesn't even think twice about it.  Does that disturb you?  Because it bothers the heck out of me.

It takes guts to confront people.  But if you have an issue with someone that's important enough, you'll bring it up to them because that's the only way to make it better.  If it's not important enough for that, don't bother talking about it.

For the commenters: Do you follow celebrity gossip, and if so, why on earth do you do it?  What was your reputation in high school?  Have you ever confronted someone who's talked about you behind your back?  Do you see kids growing up with the mindset that backstabbing is okay, or does it scare you how the media effects social interactions?


Anonymous said...

the person you talked about in your last post, would you say those things to their face?

natalie said...

I do not follow any of that celebrity gossip stuff... it just annoys me, haha. Who freaking cares if Brad Pitt was spotted eating frozen yogurt with Angelina Jolie's best friend, or whatever?! Honestly.

And I know I'm not completely innocent in the talking-behind-peoples'-backs department, but I try to refrain from it as much as possible. Luckily my group of friends isn't one for gossiping, so that's gooood.

Deidra said...

Anonymous: That post was about multiple people, but to answer your question anyway, absolutely. I have tried to have talks with people, one person in particular, but they don't seem interested in confronting the issue with me even when we're alone. It seems to be their way of handling it, so out of courtesy I decided to let it go.

natalie: I'm not sure if anyone's completely innocent of it, but the biggest difference lies in whether you try to do it or not. If you try to refrain, you're doing better than most people! And I'm glad to hear that your friends aren't really the gossiping kind. That's the best kind of person to be around.

Anonymous said...

If confronting someone about problems that they are concerned about is commendable and what you advise others to do, then why when people do that with you do you treat them like the enemy?