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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Piercings, Dying of Overeating, and Transforming

I was randomly wondering the other day...how come this is socially acceptable in American culture:

but this

or this



Pierced ears are a piercing, just like any other.  I mean, obviously.  But for some reason, most conservatives like to pretend that one hole in each earlobe are the only piercings you can have and still be "proper and stylish" or whatever they want to call it.  They even promote this, with the earrings they wear when they play dress up, like a "nice" pair of hoops to go with a Sunday dress. 

I mean, this is probably just something I notice because it's how people are in the area I live in for the most part, but it still kind of irks me.  Maybe people don't have the same attitude in the area you live in?  If you want to comment, tell me about the attitude towards piercings where you're from. 

Heck, maybe where you are, people won't hire you unless you have your nose pierced!  That would be an interesting concept.  Forget wasting money on fancy clothes: get a nice corkscrew to make you stand out from all those people with silver rings around their nostrils!

...I don't know.  Don't mind me.  I shouldn't have sat down to write this post without a detailed plan sketched out beforehand.

I learned today (in totally unrelated research about magic...it's a long story) that a tick is the only animal without an anus.  That means that it has no way to expel the food it eats, so even though their average lifespan is about a week, if one particular tick decided:

But, not literally.  Eww.
then it would actually swell up so much from all the intake that it would die sooner than all its more discriminating little tick buddies!  Instead of eating to live, like everyone else, ticks actually die sooner from it.  I feel like there could be some vast metaphor in that. 

Or maybe it's just God's permission for us to eat until we feel like we could burst. 

Even though we don't...actually burst.  Because we are superior to ticks in that respect.

Lastly, I said I would share something cool and steampunk with you!  So here's this:

Just a normal train, right?


And that concludes today's random collection of pictures, since that's what this post turned into.

I mean, after Optimus Prime, there's really not much else to say.

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Kaely said...

can i have that train??

4gOny said...

a Steam powered Optimus Prime, where would he be from? I mean really it couldn't be Cybertron anymore. I love Cyberpunk and the whole dystopian fight the man idea though if you really look at the lives they live everything seems run down and breaking. Hacking is the crime of choice,and body modification went into cybernetics. It's cool to look at but I wonder what it's like to live in a martial law kind of place were most of the good technology is black market, and where you rely on some underground guy to give you "software" for your cybernetic enhancements so that the embedded code doesn't reformat your brain. Sorry for the really long reply but the matrix is barely scratching the surface of cyberpunk. Mek is a fairly good representation in comic form,I'm still looking for more books.

Dork Vader said...

Oh wow, I think I need that train. That is epic.