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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Unfathomable Females

Now, before you point out the obvious: yes, I am aware that I'm a woman.  I've had the indicators for a while now.

I just don't happen to be the most girly girl you'll ever meet.  There are a few things I get girly about (which Steve loves to remind me of when I start renouncing my feminine qualities), but most of the time, I can't identify with really girly women.

Which is where this list comes from.

Things I Don't Understand About Women
  • The fascination with shoes.  Especially uncomfortable ones.

(If you haven't guessed, I wear tennis shoes, converse, or skate shoes most of the time, and I wear one pair until they wear out.  My current pair is purple tennis shoes, since I know you were wondering.)

  • Purses.  There's nothing you girlies would put in a purse that I wouldn't put in my pockets.  At least, not anything you actually need.  (And while we're on the subject, girl's pants deserve big pockets too!  If any of you readers happen to be clothing designers, please give me some bigger pockets on my girl pants.)
  • Blaming your period for your attitude.  Okay, maybe I "understand" this one, but I don't agree with it at all.  Yes, I have had times when my period made me feel yucky.  No, I didn't take that out on people I like.  The cycle happens every month; learn to deal with it already.
  • Make-up.  It's more trouble than it's worth, except for occasional use.  And by "occasional", I mean maybe once every couple of months.
  • Drama.  How is that a form of entertainment? 

  • Being overly emotional about everything.  Not everything anyone says has a sinister underlying meaning, people.

  • Manicures.

  • The love of pink.  The only shade of pink worth anything looks like this:

    or maybe this:

    but NOT baby pink.

  • The fear of dumb things, like bugs or harmless little spiders.  Being aware of their presence is one thing, and I'll even allow you to be paranoid and keep an eye on the little buggers.  However, screaming like a banshee and clawing the arm of the person nearest you is not an acceptable response.  The thing is barely a fraction of your size.  You look like a wuss.

  • Enjoying things that make you cry.  If I only had a dollar for every time I've heard: "Oh, it's such a good movie; you have to see it.  It made me cry like a baby!"  Why do you want to cry?  Crying is an indication of bad things.  Let's not forget that.
  • Tanning.
Anything you want to add to the list?

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    Joann Mannix said...

    See, we are polar opposites. I do just about everything on that list. I am the girliest girl you know, except when it comes to insects or snakes or any other creepy crawly. I am not afraid. I grew up with a bunch of brothers and so snakes down my shirt were a natural part of life.

    But you forgot hair. If I'm having a bad hair day, forget it. My whole day has gone to hell.

    And the best part of being a girl, admiring the boys. Although, technically I guess you could do that if you were a boy, too. I'm just saying I adore being a girl mainly because of the boys.

    natalie said...

    I definitely agree with you on some things there!

    High heels, I do not understand at all. Purses I can understand, though they do tend to get annoying. Wearing a little lip gloss or mascara is fine with me, but not when it gets to the point that you're basically unrecognizable behind an entire mask of make up and all. :P I've never gotten a manicure, never really liked pink either.

    But, I still am a bit of a girly girl all the same. I like wearing dresses and stuff haha. :)

    Deidra said...

    Joann--Actually, I didn't forget hair. The truth is, that's one of the few things I AM girly about, so I couldn't put it on my "don't understand" list!

    natalie--I wear skirts and girly clothes sometimes too. :) Only sometimes, but it's fun.

    Kaely said...

    agreed. Agreed! AGREED! completely agreed. (in case you didn't get that) ;)

    i'll admit that upon occasions i can get very girly. but i definitely don't understand high heals, and despise them usually. purses are only if i have something that won't fit in my pockets, such as my camera or something. and almost always stay in the car. I don't generally blame my period for my bad moods...i don't remember ever doing so actually. unless i was young and heard all the other girls saying it and just did the same. but idk...my period just doesn't effect me that much.

    cover-up and straighteners are ever day. but other than that make-up and hair aren't that important that often.

    drama = yuck! i just don't get it.

    i don't think i'm over emotional...i guess you'd have to ask the people that are around me most often though.

    i don't do pink. bugs are bugs. tanning = cancer, and is honestly just stupid.

    but unfortunately, i do like a good tear jerker. guess we've all gotta conform to the typical "girly girl" in someway, right?

    Sandra said...

    I agree on a few points: I hate to cry, I hate pointy shoes, I hate drama...but come on! Pink? I'm happiest when I see rooms which look like they've been coated in PeptoBismol. As for the period bad-behaviour thing...wait a bit. There will come a day when you wonder how you ever got by without an automatic weapon on these oh-so-special days of the month.
    Manicures...well, can take them or leave them; I think it's more the idea of being able to sit there, in a fog of nail polish remover that appeals to me more than the actual painted nails.
    You are hilarious girl! I'm sad now to see that you will be MIA for November. I think we would have gotten along famously!