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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Can I Bring My Cane?

Some people are terrified of the internet.  These people are usually either: 

1) old people
2) the paranoid
3) time travelers.

What's so scary about the interwebz?  
Is it the fact that stupidity has become contagious on a global scale now, as can be seen with lolcat language?

Is it due to the free sharing of information, like those sites that tell you how to construct a bomb?

Usually, it's purely due to accessibility.

Take blogs, for instance.  Bloggers are the craziest people out there, because they put PERSONAL stuff on the INTERNET, guys.  Like...their first names.

Plus, I've been told that YouTube is a bad site and that I should never, ever go to it.

Which brings me to the real reason that people are scared half the time: they don't know what they're talking about.  They're so afraid of technology that they refuse to learn to use it, which, of course, contributes to fear of the unknown.   Which leads to circular patterns and their head subsequently exploding, because that's what happens when irony attacks those too old and/or feeble to handle it.

(Late Disclaimer: I can poke fun at old people.  I've had cataracts.  And I've been forced to use a walker after breaking my leg.  I've been there.)

Wow, that makes me sound bitter.  It's not really that I dislike those people; if they don't want the internet, they can do what they want and not have it.  The thing that actually irritates me is closed-mindedness.

Am I right?

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Natalie said...

Yeah, my parents are afraid of the internet because they don't really know how to use it and they're afraid that every single person is some kind of child molester/rapist or something waiting to steal all of their information....

Roxanne and Lorraine said...

I don't know man. Old people using the internet might be even scarier. Like, your grandma on Facebook? *shudders*