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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

To be the Honor of Parades in a City of Wonder

I built a city a couple of days ago.  Today, the economy and population really took off.

City of Wonder is a Facebook application/game, and like all the others, it can be addicting under the right circumstances.  As it turns out, snow+winter break+a laptop+internet are ideal mating grounds.

When I started playing, I had no idea what I was doing.  First, I'm happily buying things that do...things.  Then, suddenly:

Me: What is that?  What is that?  Steve, what's that fog stuff?  What's that on my screen?

Steve: Those are clouds.

Me: Clouds?!

Steve: Yeah, they're just clouds.  See?

Me: What are those doing there?  I didn't buy those!

Steve: Uh, the clouds are free.

I guess I'm a little excitable sometimes.

After a while, I got the hang of it, and now I mostly know what I'm doing.  And I quickly discovered (with Steve's help) that when you do enough of the right things, the little people in your civilization get happy and put on a little parade for you!

They love me...they really love me!
And, even better: after good encounters with other civilizations, their little leaves get upgraded to trumpets. ^_^

Which also, for some reason, made them change direction.
They only have a big square of road to march along, but do you think that stops them?  Their devotion is boundless.  And watching those tiny little people march around and around is so adorable that it makes me smile lovingly at the computer screen just to see them.

I could tell you more about other aspects of the game, but to be honest, I'm more delighted about that little parade than just about anything.  (After all, don't people always say to "write what you're passionate about"?)

You can't really tell how cute it is until you see it animated.

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