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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If You Read This Post Two Days After I Post It, This One's For You

You know what's bad for me?  I mean, it's good, but it's really, really bad.

Other lazy people.

Because when I'm goofing off, not getting things done that I should have started sooner and all that, the other lazy people out there are full of support.

"Yeah, you didn't start your paper until the day of?  My neither!  Ha ha, I know, right?"

"Oh, I'm so behind too!  I'm not really worried about it, though.  I'll probably start on it the hour before it's due."

You know why people have this attitude?  Because it's the only fun thing to do with procrastination.  It makes them feel better about it, because then they fit in with all the other procrastinators, and together, they can laugh at deadlines and all those goody-two-shoes-do-gooders that actually started the project the week before.

And by "they", I mean "we".

You're reading the words of a girl that wrote more than half of her NaNo novel in the last four days of November.  THE LAST FOUR DAYS.

This was my graph:
Yeah, check the "Words Written Today" number.  It was intense.  Like driving on ice.

So when it comes crunch time and I'm avoiding schoolwork as much as possible, I'm blaming it on the other procrastinators of my generation.

Maybe I'll take the blame later, if I feel like it.


Kaely said...

if the people around you were saying things like, "oh, i had that done weeks ago. Or "yea, i know it's due in a week but i'm almost done" you'd give them that "goody-two shoes" glare. haha.

yea, i'm usually not THAT bad with procrastinating. i generally only leave my easy assignments until last minute. so i'm rushing to get things done, but they're easy and not stressful at all. i've really been slacking this semester though. the only issue is, i'm not used to stressing at the end of the semester, so i'm motivated like i should be...this may get interesting ;)

Kaely said...

that should say "NOT motivated like i should be"

natalie said...

I'm both a severe procrastinator and a complete non-procrastinator at the same time, which seems like it wouldn't be possible but it is. You see, if I force myself to start doing something I'll have it all done right then and there way ahead of time. But if I don't get it done right away, then that's when the whole "night before" thing happens. One extreme or the other, no middle ground unfortunately... :P

But hahaha, I really admire your word count graph thingy. Very impressive. :D

beth said...

i bet you didn't know procrastinate is my middle name did you :)

Javi St said...